The Minute Menopause Quiz
Mache Seibel, MD

Find out if you are you in perimenopause, menopause or postmenopause. Take this one minute quiz and get your answer now. Knowing your status will help you make choices that will help you stay energized and healthy.

  1. My periods
    1. Come 7 to 60 days late
    2. Stopped at least one year ago but less than two years ago
    3. Have not come in two years or more

  2. I have feelings of warmth or hot flashes
    1. Occasionally and they seem to be getting more frequent and intense
    2. More intensely and more often in the past few months
    3. Less often and less intensely than one to two years ago

  3. I've noticed mood changes with
    1. Anxiety, stress and some PMS type symptoms  
    2. Increasing irritability, anxiousness and mood swings
    3. Less mood swings and irritability than a year or two ago

  4. My vaginal symptoms include
    1. Occasional vaginal dryness
    2. Increasing vaginal dryness with some painful intercourse
    3. Frequent vaginal dryness and more frequent painful intercourse

  5. I've noticed skin changes like
    1. Occasional acne and mild wrinkles forming
    2. Small wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and mouth
    3. More wrinkles on my face and looser facial skin

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Most of my answers are*: